House of Heroes Never Fails

House of Heroes Never Fails

I say that a lot, but House of Heroes really never fails. They played at Cross Church in Springdale with Rapture Ruckus and Cory Lamb last night, and I ventured up there with a friend of mine.

The first exciting thing was that I passed them in their van heading up I-540. They were stuck behind a semi, and I’m sure didn’t want to pass it with their trailer. I wonder if they were just rolling in or if they had gone down to Fayetteville for dinner.

My friend and I stayed near the back for Cory Lamb’s set, and then when all of the teenagers cleared the room during the set change, we moved on up to the front. I watched HOH with much interest while they set up and did a quick sound check. I gave a slight wave and mouthed “hi” to Tim Skipper, the lead singer, while he was messing with the microphone and he said “hi” back.

Their set lasted about 25 minutes and they crammed it with six songs, including: Remember the Empire,  God Save the Foolish Kings, Serial Sleepers, Code Name: Raven, Dance and Touch This Light.  I was enthralled as I usually am when they are playing live.  I’m not sure what it is about their stage show and their music, but it’s just awesome.

It wasn’t hard to notice that I was the only person in the crowd who was singing along to each of their songs.  Tim kept glancing over at me, and looked pleased that there was at least one person who was into their stuff.  I felt kind of sad for all of the teenagers who were being very inattentive and more interested in whatever else was going on, to not realize that they were getting the opportunity to see an amazing band.

As usual, their set flew by, and I wished they could have played longer.

My friend and I moved to the back of the room again for Rapture Ruckus and weren’t too impressed with them, so we went back out into the main room and sat on the couches out there to wait for the guys in House of Heroes to come out.  Naturally, they didn’t come out until right at the end of Rapture Ruckus’ set.

We ended up chatting with the wife, I guess, of one of the guys in RR, while we waited.  She was really friendly and asked if we liked HOH.  I of course was very enthused.  She said that she had asked their manager how they describe their music, because it’s kind of hard to pinpoint.  I guess his answer was “fusion” rock, because their vocals are along the lines of Queen and their music is along the lines of the Foo Fighters, which I can see when I think about it.  She had also made a comment to us about HOH being a “musician’s band”.

When the guys finally wandered out from where they were at, I hopped up and went straight for Tim.  He said “It’s nice seeing you, and thanks for singing along to all of our songs!” Then held up his hand for a high five, I obliged and said “Heck yeah.”  I’m pretty sure I rambled a bit out of nervousness.

I asked if this was their first time in NWA, and he said that they had played in Fayetteville years ago.  I wonder how long ago, because I’ve been around for the better part of the last nine years and don’t remember them coming here.  He commented that they should probably come back, and of course I agreed.  I do hope that they will return to NWA and maybe headline a show.

I bought a hard copy of “Cold Hard Want” and had them sign it.

As we were leaving, I shook his hand and told them that if they come back to NWA I’ll cook them dinner.  He said, “Sounds good.”  I would make them dinner if they get back here sometime, and I’m still around.  I think that would be fun.

Needless to say, I went to bed with a big smile on my face and didn’t get much sleep.  I was too wound up.

I can’t wait to see them again.  🙂

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